From the recording I Will Follow You

This song is a part of Derrick Kendrick's latest project "Kingdom Writer". It features Kaddie McKenzie. Now available at all digital retailers!


I Will Follow You
Composed and arranged by Derrick L. Kendrick (A.S.C.A.P)
Lyrics by Derrick Kendrick
Everyone seems to go their own way
When life gets too hard for them, they run away
But in you I’ll put all my hope and all of my faith
You said you won’t leave me Lord, that’s not your way
I will follow you through the storm
I will follow you through the rain
Through darkness or light
In good times or strife
From high mountains to valleys low
Jesus, I’ll follow you
Diseases are spreading fast throughout the land
Humanity’s dying out by its own hand
But You are the one who holds the master plan
Your way has been proven so with you I’ll stand
This world full of sin has so many afraid
They say if you’re not accepting then you’re filled with hate
But I won’t conform no, there’s too much at stake
The final hour’s approaching fast; it’s getting late